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First Responders Optimizing Resilience, Grit, & Excellence

Providing dynamic and engaging training for first responders and their families to improve health, performance, and teamwork. 

Notebook and Pen

On this page you will find downloadable handouts and worksheets and our recommended resilience reading list. If you have attended one of our trainings this content will look familiar! 

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In this brief video we break down a breathing technique that can have a profound impact on your mental and physical health. Controlling your breath, This is a simple strategy to "hack" your own nervous system.

This husband/wife team are perfect. They compliment each other and they not only talk about family/tribe they display it as well.

The presentation with
someone from the audience was a great display of why First Responders MUST learn this technique to control one's heart rate. Excellent.

Great presenters and worked well off of each other.

I would recommend them!

The presentation about  stress brought on by critical incidents,
and just daily work performance by a First Responder was so revealing.

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